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Our Growers

Our growers are awesome.

What does it take to grow cherries? Knowledge, experience, dedication, hard work... and a good dose of mettle. Farming is a risky business. Cherry growers can work all winter and spring cultivating their orchard, only to be hit by freeze, disease, hard rains or even a pest that wipes out a crop. Every harvest is its own little miracle.

Our cherries are primarily supplied by family farms in the Northwest corner of Michigan and Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Some of these families have their roots in agriculture dating back to the 1800’s. Orchard sizes range from less than 5 acres to over 200.

Our growers cultivate a handful of cherry varieties that are specific to the maraschino business, what in the industry is known as a "light sweet cherry." Light, as in a skin color that is yellow with a pink blush, and sweet, as in a high natural sugar content and low acid. Some of the more popular varieties include Royal Ann, Corum, Emperor Francis, Napoleon, Gold, and Rainier.

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